Aging fucking sucks. Illness fucking sucks. Sudden, potentially catastrophic illness REALLY sucks. But you're still here James, still standing, still running, drinking beer and eating stuff. Yay you !!!!

I for one really fucking appreciate the fact that you are.

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Annie, Jen and Balance365 are absolutely terrific.

Health vibes to you James. I just recently turned 64. I thought I was aging well and mentally well adjusted. I wasn't trying to be my 35 year old self anymore! But then I realized you have to keep adjusting. I am now adjusting to not being my 55 year old self anymore.

It never ends, but it can still be a good ride.

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Self-awareness, and the capacity to honestly self-analyze is such a key factor in any effort to improve (whatever that means internally). I’ll be 54 in a few months, and I’ve recently returned to cycling and intermittent fasting as a way to control my weight (and ease off on the booze).

At the beginning of that journey, I stumbled across a piece of advice that really changed things for me - don’t focus on the numbers, focus on the feel. When I’m following my routine, I wake feeling - well, if not ‘great’ then certainly less “why the hell does ____ hurt now?” - every morning. I feel better about what I’m doing, and about myself. And if the numbers aren’t always where I want, I don’t let it block out the feeling that I’m doing better.

Why do we have to age to figure this shit out?

Also, I’ll allow your pineapple on pizza if you allow me vodka sauce in my motherfucking lasagna.

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Annie and Jen of Balance365 are amazing. I haven’t been able to afford the program yet, but it doesn’t matter because they are incredibly generous with their free content and their time. Their podcast is fun and informative and I have learned a lot from them. Like you mention, it’s about the mental and emotional side of weight loss and self care. Annie and Jen deal with it with grace and humor. I learned a lot about the physical side of thing from you, James. And thanks to you, I found Balance365 and now have learned to work with the emotional piece. So when I work my ass off at weights and cardio, I am gentler with myself when I don’t end up looking like a supermodel or eat four cookies for breakfast. My genetics are what they are, my health markers are good, and as long as I do the work, I’m proud of me. I’m very grateful for all three of you.

And pineapple on pizza rules.

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Running is magic. Also, chocolate is magic.

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I just turned 64 as well, like Susan D. I was feeling stirrings of getting motivated to live healthier... And emotional eating is definitely one of my recurring themes in life! I'm looking forward to trying Balance365 and hopefully increasing my ability to meet the challenges of daily stress with better centering and with kindness towards myself ... Be well, James, and be kind to yourself too.

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6/11/22 I saw photos of myself at a family reunion, I was the person on the end who didn’t look like any of the 30 other people in the photos. That was 508 days and 93 pounds ago. I’m still surprised when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or a window. My family and most friends are happy for me; some are also peeved that I’ve gotten this far when they haven’t.

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I love pineapple on pizza. I also love anyone who pees in Jillian Michaels' Cheerios. Go James!

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New subscriber here. In my younger years, gaining weight was my problem. Not so much anymore. I've been around the block 70 times and I am very lucky to be mostly healthy at this point, but I have just recently started having some spinal issues.

My life in general has been crap for a lot of years now, but that is far too long and personal a story to go into, except to say that the crisis that happened last summer left me 25 lbs lighter and in a better place financially, blah, blah, blah.

I have no diagnosis but it is entirely possible that I am AuDHD, so I have some of the same challenges as you do with motivation etc and although I'm sure the program you mentioned works for you and many others, I am also by lifelong habit a go-it-aloner so I will continue to do that.

However, earlier this year, just before the shit storm hit, I borrowed a book from the library called 'Deep Fitness' by Philip Shepherd and Andrei Yakovenko. Because of the earlier mentioned crisis I didn't get around to putting its precepts into practice, but today I bought a paperback version so I can do just that.

Anybody who has any hope of remaining fit into their senior years NEEDS to read this book.

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