I use Classico too, but I use uncooked lasagna noodles. One less thing to cook. I feel the same way about the low-fat cheese. It turns into plastic when it melts. This was very funny!

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Yep, Classico sauce for the win! Sometimes, if I'm feeling all fancy and shit, I'll use uncased Italian sausage instead of hamburger. No motherfucking fungus for me though. Nope. However, I am going to be the rebel here....I like three layers. Three is my favourite number. Yes, I have a fucking favourite number, and that number is three.

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I actually laughed reading this! BTW.... you may like to know I bought your book before I bought Maddow's, "Prequel". Good, but yours is much more amusing!

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*Prays for death in Canadian*


Also, I use Newman's Own Tomato and Basil.

I never put spinach in lasagna, unless it's supposed to be a veggie lasagna, but by default, lasagna is meat, not veggies. Veggies in lasagna are there to make the meat taste better.

We also do not use eggs in the ricotta. My BIL is allergic to eggs, real anaphylaxis, so no eggs. It comes out just fine without it.

I 2nd the use of no boil lasagna noodles. Follow directions if you need to add more water to the sauce, but it certainly makes things easier and just as tasty.

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Sausage is better than ground beef. I will not be taking questions

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First time I got drunk was drinking Screwdrivers. All healthy with all that OJ. I was 16 at the time drinking age was 18. I didn't realize I was drunk until standing up from the bar stool. Vodka might be OK for screwdrivers or Bloody Marys, it should NOT be added to pasta sauce.

Love your Fucking good lasagna recipe.

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Delicious lazy-ass lasagna recipe.

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Are you sure you mean "pint jars"? Most jars of pasta sauce are 24 oz or thereabouts, not 16.

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Who uses spinach in their meat lasagna?

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Awesome. Made this recipe a few times now, always successfully.

My variations - half mince, half Italian sausage. Uncooked noodles. A few basil leaves before adding the second layer.

Can’t get Classico sauce where I am so more experimenting required on the best sauce.

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Classico: check

Beef & Seasoning: check

Noodles: okay. (I usually make my own because it's easy and cheap, but whatever.)

REAL cheese: Double check

Freezing: Check

Everything else: check

I make twice as many layers because when my kids were little they liked to eat it in layers.

I've never used 4 cheese sauce in it, but I'll try it.

I DO use Classico Vodka sauce, but only on plain boiled-and-buttered noodles, never with meat or cheese. I figure if some from-scratch cooks are willing to pour half a bottle of crappy wine into their marinara, why not?

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